Empowerment & Economic Advancement

Increasing economic opportunities for women and girls of color

YWCA supports women’s empowerment and economic advancement, with a particular focus on the reality the way race impacts women’s economic opportunities. We serve more than 122,000 women annually with economic empowerment programs, such as job training, financial literacy, salary negotiation, and leadership development. In addition, our housing and childcare programs are strong foundations on which woman and families can build their financial futures.

Our Impact

YWCA Women’s Empowerment Programs are designed to increase empowerment among women and girls. Programming includes, but is not limited to, economic advancement and leadership development. YWCA Local Associations reported 83 programs focusing on job skills and workforce readiness, while 37 programs focused on digital skills.

Our Programs

Women’s Empowerment 360° Business Essential program, or We360°, is designed to increase participants’ knowledge and confidence as an entrepreneur. It’s being offered in partnership with Ureeka, an online platform that provides resources and educational tools to entrepreneurs.

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Learn about our empowerment and economic advancement policy priorities: Women Economic Security.

Additional Resources

Economic Empowerment Checklist

Promote gender equality for women and girls in the workplace, community, and business with the YWCA Economic Empowerment Checklist

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