Strengthening the Nonprofit Sector’s Impact

Strengthen the health and vitality of the YWCA network

The nonprofit sector is the backbone of our communities and continues to champion on-the-ground programs, human services, and educational activities for families across the country. YWCA is a national leader along with other charitable partners in supporting policies that contribute to a strong civic society and culture of giving so that we can better serve women, girls, and their families. The need to strengthen the nonprofit sector’s ability to respond and assist in any key recovery efforts – from pandemic to hurricane, power outage to flood – as well as hire and retain workers is more critical than ever.

We urge elected officials to provide relief and recovery for the nonprofit sector including:

  • Strengthening and building an equitable nonprofit workforce with the ability to hire and retain a diverse workforce at family sustaining wages

  • Restore and expand the above-the-line or universal charitable deduction and other tax policies that incentivize giving

Bills We Support/Oppose

  • Streamlining Federal Grants Act of 2023 (S.2286 / H.R.5934)

  • Charitable Act (H.R.3435)